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Converting the Oslo React into a fully functional Progressive Web Application

We have taken the sample Watson Content Hub Oslo React web application and converted into a working Progressive Web Application including the main and winning characteristics of a PWA:

Installable on home screen

Offline mode

Push notifications

What is Watson Content Hub Oslo React?

To get more information about Oslo, follow this link. IBM Watson Content Hub is a new and very interesting cognitive SaaS (Software As as Service) CMS built by IBM and soon be part of the portfolio of Centerbridge.

A screenshot of Oslo:


A screenshot of Watson Content Hub and the way you can update a content:


Why we need a Progressive Web Application?

Bueno, últimamente hay mucha emoción sobre los PWA.

Well, there is so much excitement lately about PWAs. Without entering into the details I just drop here a table can exactly show the point of why PWA:


We have already experimented the impact of PWA: much better User Experience (especially on e-commerce) and so better Conversion Rate! It is really worth it!

What have we done on top of Oslo React? We added the most interesting and critical features of PWA in addition to Oslo React.

Our development the app could: install Oslo on a mobile home screen and/or workstation desktop receive notifications whenever a new event is added or removed on Watson Content Hub continue to navigate Oslo despite that the device / workstation is offline.

From a technical point of view we have: creating a web application manifest file service worker deployed for offline support Additional Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure private and data integrity defined the foundation of a security architecture application shell to allow fast load time.

Install Oslo on Home Screen

Go offline

Get a push notification on Oslo event change

The team

We spent the last weeks focusing on creating the PWA for Oslo; everything came up as a funny challenge rose by our friend and IBM, Antonio Fiol.

Special thanks to Daniel Rilo, Ismael Rodriguez, Yanal Swesesh, Jorge Gamero,

Do you need more details? Don't be shy and contact us here! We will be happy to answer your questions.