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We have developed specialized products for the e-commerce sector, focused on improving the user experience, creating B2B stores, visualization of KPIs for QA and the observability of environments in HCL Commerce.

Logo Valido

Audit, test and improve your online store.

Valido AI is a specialized e-commerce solution that facilitates testing to improve the user experience.

Through automated testing, with Valido AI, you can use the power of Artificial Intelligence to identify visual or user interface errors that are blocking sales growth.

With Valido AI it is also possible to measure and monitor the web performance of your online store by monitoring web scores (Web Scores), which show bugs and possible improvements to be made in real time.

Intense Testing by Orienteed
logo intense testing

View the results of QA tests in real time.

IntenseTesting is a solution developed by Orienteed, which offers real-time visualizations of the results obtained during the performance and load tests of an ecommerce.

Track your most important KPIs in easy-to-understand dynamic dashboards. Install IntenseTesting with a single click from the AWS Marketplace.

crowlify by orienteed
logo crowlify

Create and monitor trading environments with ease.

Crowlify is a solution developed to reduce the complexity in managing multiple environments within an HCL Commerce ecosystem.

Managing your trading stack has never been easier. Take your operations to the cloud, simplify the creation and implementation of your e-commerce ecosystem, improve the management of data flow and the resolution of daily problems.

All this, without having to go to infrastructure professionals.

Do you have an e-commerce development project in mind or do you need to improve your digital business?

Let's start now.