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E-commerce Solutions

B2C, B2B and B2B2C for the global market.

Scale your business to the next level, with the help of professionals specialized in the digital commerce industry.


We make digital transformation a reality
for your business.

We create and implement comprehensive e-commerce solutions (B2B, B2C and B2B2C) customized to the business needs and objectives of our clients.

desarrollo de ecommerce

E-commerce Development

monitorización 24/7

24/7 Monitoring

data analysis

Data Analysis

validación visual

Visual Validation

arquitectura en la nube

Cloud Architecture

control de calidad

Quality Assurance

Solutions for all business models.

Adaptable solution

B2B Model

Reach the largest number of distributors possible, so that your business continues to grow in all channels. We help you create a unified B2B sales platform that is fully customizable.

Scalable solution

B2C Model

We help you tap into your business's full potential, increasing your sales and success. Our approach is flexible, allowing us to cater to your brand's current and future growth while considering all of your unique needs.

Solution for growth

B2B2C Model

Our solution incorporates distributors and the final customer into the same platform, creating an integrated value chain that opens up direct sales to both professional and individual customers.

Productos by Orienteed


Technological solutions for ecommerce developed at home.

We have developed specialized products for the ecommerce sector, focused on improving the user experience, creating B2B stores, visualization of KPIs for QA and the observability of environments in HCL Commerce.

Valido App


Create, improve or monitor your ecommerce with the best technologies on the market.

Grow your business with industry leading e-commerce platforms and technologies managed by a highly specialized professional team.

Orienteed Technologies
Óptica Diagonal


Success stories

We have had the pleasure of accompanying the digital transformation process of elite brands globally. Development, migration or monitoring, these are just some of the success stories of companies that have trusted us.


Talent specialized in e-commerce.

A multidisciplinary professional team of ecommerce specialists made up of software architects, developers, analysts, system administrators, quality engineers, technical support specialists, process engineers and project managers.

equipo orienteed

Do you have an e-commerce development project in mind or do you need to improve your digital business?

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