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We promote stable and quality opportunities. We believe that talent development is the main driver for our success, and for that reason we invest in the well-being of our employees and in their professional development.

People are the key to our success.

What do we offer?

Individualized Professional Development Plan.

We help our employees outline their career goals and establish steps to aid in their personal and professional development.

Continuous learning.

We focus on enhancing the skills and knowledge of our employees, by offering quality training programs and learning plans, adapted to the needs of each individual.

Excellent working environment.

At Orienteed, we know the importance of having a positive work environment. We embrace transparent communication, respect, and diversity. We contribute to creating this environment by adopting the highest HR standards (in this sense, and in May 2022, we have adopted the Workplace Harassment Protocol)

Flexible working hours.

We pursue our goals irrespective of the time we choose for it.

Dynamic work spaces with sea views.

Modern office spaces, located in one of the best areas of A Coruña’s city centre, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Flexible compensation plan.

We offer an attractive remuneration package which includes other benefits such as: public transport vouchers, restaurant vouchers, nursery vouchers, medical insurance, language classes and gym classes.


We have language classes and functional training paid 100% by Orienteed.

If you passionate about technology and innovation.

If you have an IT Degree and are looking for new professional opportunities, do check our latest vacancies below!

Currently there are no vacancies available. If you are interested in working with us, send us your CV at and we will consider it for future opportunities.