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5 reasons to migrate to WebSphere Commerce 9

Migrate to WebSphere Commerce version 9 is worth it!
To merely summarise, you can…

I will explain you why just mentioning some of the main reasons I can think about…

Save time

#1 Faster installation with Dockers

Traditionally with WAS, in order to create a Staging / Live environment with High Availability for Search and WCS, you had to go through a really long error-prone process, taking many weeks. Now, with Dockers, you can do it in few days.

#2 Faster development with Java Persistence API

Finally EJBs are gone. They have been always extremely complicated for developers but also a real nightmare for the build & deploy. With JPA you can save so much development effort. Do you want to prove it? Easy, just have a look at the Knowledge Center:

Create a custom bean for v7 and v8
Create custom entity for v9

Save money

#3 Cheaper cloud/infrastructure cost with Kubernetes

How can you guarantee optimal performances during high season? Usually extend your infrastructure. It can means:

  • provisioning of new servers,
  • expensive installation of new WCS/IHS or SOLR nodes,
  • multiple and time-consuming configuration steps for the new nodes,
  • troubleshooting sessions to fix any eventual regression issue.
  • With Kubernetes extend/downgrade the infrastructure is almost instantly (we could even configure it).

Consequently you can really count on having a “bomb-proof” but expensive infrastructure during high season and save money (downgrade it) during the rest of the year.

Make business happier

#4 Faster deploy means “to release quickly what Business needs”

The new WCD- WebSphere Commerce Deploy (instead of the old WCBD- WebSphere Commerce Build&Deploy) will make Business happier. In fact, count on this innovative deploy method (release docker images) the number of deploys could be multiple in a month (not anymore once every 3 months or something like that). When Business comes up with a new requirement it could be released in a matter of days: real application of CI/CD.
… and last import note … you can also …

Make Developers happier

#5 Adopt cutting edge technologies

Just to mention some of them:

  • use the original last version (instead of the custom one proposed by IBM)
  • since of headless front end, you could develop UX with 
  • (or any other front end interesting library/framework ….)
  • adoption of a model based on micro services and API first
  • Apache KafkaZooKeeper
  • possibility to adopt as xC server (where all the customization respecting the eXtension model can be developed)
  • Vault

Final note.

By the way, according to the last rumours in this Quarter finally Accelerator, Admin Console and Org. Admin Console will be gone!!!! A unified brand-new console will be provided and also the back office services will be available trough the use of REST APIs. Another good reason to migrate to the version 9.