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Ecommerce and regions, who are the biggest buyers?

In this classification, from the Trusted Shop, the second position in Galicia, which last year was very far from the first positions, stands out.

Specifically, 31.2% of Galicians say they make online purchases once, or more than once, a week compared to the Spanish average of 26.3%. Galicia shares position with Castilla y León, both with 31.2% and are exceeded by Cantabria (33.3%) and followed by La Rioja (30.8%) all of them exceeding the state average.

What do they buy in the regions?

The same report shows that the most demanded products on the Internet by Galician, Cantabrian, Riojan and Castilian-Leonese are those related to fashion and accessories (65.6%), followed by tickets and hotel reservations for travel (60.7%) and technological goods (59%).