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Ecommerce trends for 2020

In the world of ecommerce this also happens. And these could be the fundamental points to take into account so that 2020 does not catch us off guard.

1. More smartphone shopping.

Mostly in Spain, which is the European country that most looks for their online purchases on their phones, specifically 71.2%.

2. Voice Commerce.

They have come to stay, in more and more homes. As the weeks go by, the number of product searches will increase, as will their ability to help with the purchase.

3. Growing fashion sales and virtual changing rooms. 

They already are a reality in one of the most booming sectors of ecommerce, which contributes to improve the user experience and reduce one of the great battle horses, the returns.

4. Virtual assistants and“Chat Bot”.

Traditional channels of direct communication with customers can be relegated to the background. They will be in charge of solving with greater agility and effectiveness the doubts that arise in the purchase processes.

5. Sustainability. 

Sustainable packaging, reduction of CO2 emissions caused by transport and offering appropriate products to the customer to avoid returns, so the ecommerce sector will contribute to the conservation of the planet.

6. WCAG. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Perhaps many will not include it as a trend in 2020, but for us it is a necessary step that must be taken without further delay. Web accessible to everyone, with no exception..