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B2C ecommerce market in the MENA region

What will be the key tools and technologies in the coming years?

According to Paypal, these are the 5 factors that should be mastered.

The 5G network as an ecommerce enabler.

The higher the browsing speed, the faster the transactions and other operations. While the penetration of smartphones will increase, the use of ecommerce will also grow..

Artificial Intelligence for a customized service.

Thanks to the ability to constantly collect consumer data, increasingly accurate habit profiles can be developed. With them, intelligent systems can generate sales suggestions and individualized predictions of customer behavior.

Social commerce.

Social networks are directly related to our online consumer habits. Purchases are expected to encourage users to share and interact with their social circle, something that would happen not only at the beginning or end, but throughout the whole process.

Digital IDs for greater security.

Security of operations is a priority for users and companies. With the improvement of digital identification, protection certifications available to ecommerce customers will evolve, robust verification systems will be added, and the authentication process will be simpler.

Sustainable logistics.

There is no turning back, the ecommerce also must be adjusted to the new requirements to protect and conserve the planet, advancing in the reduction of waste and the use of plastic. Society will win and brands will fulfil their social responsibility.