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A resounding success of the Digitalization and Internationalization Conference at ANFACO-CECOPESCA

Vigo, October 24, 2023. - After intense coordination and synergy work with the different teams involved, at Orienteed we are pleased to announce the success of the event "Digitalization and Internationalization Days: Promoting the digital transformation of the Industry'', held on October 24, 2023 at the headquarters of ANFACO-CECOPESCA, located in Vigo, Pontevedra.

This event, which has brought together state agencies, technology companies, specialized lawyers and companies from the marine-industry complex, has marked a new milestone in promoting the digital transformation of the sector.

jornadas de digitalización

Synergy of visions on the digitalization of the seafood industry

The Digitalization and Internationalization Conference stood out as a space for the convergence of complementary visions, with the most relevant aspects regarding the digital transformation process of companies and their launch into global markets.

During the first part of the event, attendees had the opportunity to explore the digital x-ray of the Spanish business ecosystem, the challenges of digitalization, the virtuous cycle of digital transformation and the trends of B2B companies with the presentation of several success stories.

In the second part, the speakers presented the state support options that exist for digitalization and internationalization. Possibilities ranging from specific programs and services to available funds, which can be accessed through compliance with minimum requirements for companies according to their characteristics.

To close the event, the specialists presented the main tax aspects derived from the digitalization and internationalization processes, as well as regulatory details related to the use of artificial intelligence and the processing of large volumes of data.

The day was possible thanks to the presentations of:

  • Gonzalo de Caralt – Senior Regional Channel Account Manager – BigCommerce
  • María Rodrigalvarez – Country Lead, España y Portugal – BigCommerce
  • Laura González-Dopeso – Deputy Director of Internationalization IGAPE
  • Isabel Fernández Vizoso – Head of Sector ICEX – Galicia
  • Marcos Piñeiro Sanroman – Partner EY Abogados (Galicia)
  • Sara López Carballo — Director People Advisory Services of EY Abogados (Galicia)
  • Raquel González Espejo – Business Development Manager – Orienteed
  • Francesco Schettini – CEO & Founder – Orienteed

The program carried out can be consulted here.

Francesco Schettini como ponente en las jornadas.

We look forward to helping you drive your growth and success in the digital age.

From Orienteed, the conference was attended as speakers by Raquel González, Business Development Manager, and Francesco Schettini, CEO of the company. When asked about the vision and results of the event Francesco said:

"It is an honor to have been part of the Digitalization and Internationalization Conference of the Spanish seafood industry. At Orienteed, we strongly believe in the power of technology to transform entire sectors and improve business operations. During the event, we shared our experience in digital transformation, highlighting how digital solutions can revolutionize the way canning companies interact with their customers and manage their operations.

We are excited by the opportunities that digitalization offers to all Spanish companies and we hope to help them boost their growth and success in the digital era".

Raquel Gonzalez ponente de Orienteed

We live in challenging times while brimming with global business opportunities.

For her part, Raquel González commented:

"It has been a pleasure and an honor to share a presentation with such exceptional professionals at the headquarters of one of the most important sector associations in the country.» 

When asked about the current context of digitalization and opportunities, González stated: 

"In my opinion, it is key to contextualize the current and future needs of consumers and clients to be able to anticipate them to the extent possible and to be able to provide personalized support, contributing from our experience, in this process of digitization and internationalization of our fabric business.

We are living through challenging times that are at the same time brimming with global business opportunities and we are fortunate to have the most cutting-edge technology on the market and highly qualified and talented human capital to face these circumstances in the best possible way."

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