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Coronavirus, crisis and Ecommerce. The BigCommerce offer and Orienteed.

In times of global uncertainty, digital transformation and electronic commerce are emerging as a solution for the present and future.

Precisely, our partner BigCommerce, wants to contribute so that the businesses that want it, can continue operating online, with a very attractive offer.

What is Bigcommerce

“Your commerce without limits”.

The most scalable solution for electronic commerce. Founded in 2009, this technology platform serves more than 160,000 companies around the world.

Flexible and open Saas technology with unlimited possibilities to grow, build and innovate, it has all the tools and functionality necessary to establish your online store and preserve the characteristics of your brand.


These are impressions of some of its users:

"With BigCommerce, we can get our product online in minutes. Gone are the long delays to make changes on our website and launching new products." KENT BALL, SR. WEB OPERATIONS SPECIALIST, WOOLRICH.

"On BigCommerce, we now have an extremely agile environment that can change quickly to meet our business needs." MARK HOPKINS, CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER, SKULLCANDY JEFE DE INFORMACIÓN, SKULLCANDY

What does it offer?

  • 3 months FREE of charge, on all plans with Big Commerce for new business.
  • 0% commission on transaction costs.
  • Advanced marketing toolkit.

And, how can we help you?

In Orienteed we are specialists in eCommerce technology solutions worldwide and pioneers in applying new digital trends. If you are looking to expand your sales channels and in line with the BigCommerce offer, we have for you a closed package of services with a cost optimized to the maximum.

All your product offerings, in a simple, effective and safe way, without having to wait. 

Or, in other words: 

  1. Launch your ecommerce in record time.
  2. Loading of the products from the inventory.
  3. Shipping configuration.
  4. Payment setup with PayPal.

Do you want more information? We are at your disposal. Contact us here.