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The relevant option between Magento Open Source and Enterprise

As a matter of fact, just in Spain there are more than 1.5K implementations (data extracted from

Many customers are now struggling with the migration (which anyway, more than Migration it is almost a re-platform since many things changed with M2). For the merchants it is the right time to think about one of the main concern they could feel: the platform scalability.

"Despite there are many interesting guidelines and optimisation suggestions a typical Magento Open Source installation is not scalable; in other terms, it cannot handle peaks of traffic".

Most of the open source installations of Magento are single tier on a shared host, no redundant, not even high available; for a customer which is living a growing business where visits and orders are incrementing month by month a possible option, to preserve the quality of the services offered by the brand, could be pass to Magento Enterprise. Does it sound familiar?

You should already know, Magento Enterprise's cost can be pretty scary 🙂

So basically a customer can face the choose between spending few euro a month for a shared server hosting (with the risk to be totally unprepared for peaks of users and sales) or spending thousands of euro for a professional SaaS with Magento Enterprise.

In reality there are other options:

"Orienteed offers an intermediated solution based on Amazon Web Service and in particular CloudFormation".



  • High availability (say goodbye to outages).
  • Standard of security: private subnet for the servers.
  • Autoscaling (able to increment the capacity according to the traffic).
  • Performance (additional cache layer based on Redis)
  • Advanced users management (to access different parts of the infrastructure)
  • Database HA (with the RDS services, the DB is in a cluster)
  • and most important, the cost: it depends on the usage! (pillar of the AWS architecture).

Are you planning a migration or having problem with your actual Magento instance? We can help you out. you can contact us here here.