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CoreMedia CMS: elevating the potential of your content and customer experience

A quick look at CoreMedia CMS.

With habits and changing consumer preferences daily and new technologies emerging minute by minute, large companies find themselves in a perpetual battle to stay relevant and connected with their audience effectively.

In this fast-paced game, the flexibility of your content management system (CMS) emerges as the critical tool that can make or break a brand's online presence.

But which CMS should we choose? The offer on the market is quite large and the search can be somewhat overwhelming. In this article we want to share a content management system that we believe can be the ideal solution for your business. We will talk about: CoreMedia CMS.

Let's get started!

CoreMedia CMS

What is CoreMedia CMS?

CoreMedia is a global provider of content management system (CMS) solutions and digital experience platforms (DXP). With corporate headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, and US headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. The company was founded in 1996 and has additional offices in Washington DC and London.

With over 27 years of experience, CoreMedia's unique and customizable headless hybrid approach, based on a composable DXP, brings ideas to life quickly and efficiently, delivering personalized experiences at enterprise scale.

Given its versatility, global B2C and B2B brands, including John Deere, Deckers Brands, Luxottica, T-Mobile and Finnair, trust CoreMedia to transcend the limits of traditional content management and prepare their technology stack for the future.

If you are a global ecommerce brand, then you should start considering CoreMedia as the CMS (Content Management System) solution within your strategy. But let's continue... 

What is a CMS or content management system?

A content management system (CMS) is software that allows you to create, manage and publish content on your digital properties, including websites, microsites, blogs and applications.

In today's omnichannel world, the best content management tools, including CoreMedia Content Cloud, also bring social media, connected devices, and point-of-sale channels into the mix. You don't need to know how to code to use a CMS, as content is managed through an intuitive user interface.

The importance of a content management system

A CMS platform gives anyone in your organization the ability to create and publish content quickly and easily, without technical development skills or knowledge.

In the case we cover in this article, which has to do with CoreMedia Content Cloud, content creators can visualize how the content will look on different channels and devices, and then publish it in all languages, locations and channels without the participation of the IT team.

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What are the benefits of a CMS?

A good CMS platform streamlines the creation, editing and publishing of content. Boost collaboration between your teams, reduce duplication of effort, and increase efficiency.

It should give you the workflow management tools you need for efficient administration and approval on a global scale, ensuring consistent branding, content quality, and SEO optimization.

This is a list of benefits you can get with CoreMedia CMS

Omnichannel content publishing

Write content experiences across your entire digital estate. Create, edit, manage and publish content across all your digital channels from a single content management platform. Reuse and reformat content elements for use in different channels using smart editing tools and publish to all properties with a single click.

Multilingual content management

Manage content in an unlimited number of locations and languages. Control localization and translation of content from a single CMS, managing local content versions on a master site and localizing content as much or as little as necessary. Integrate with popular translation software platforms using pre-built connectors and manage end-to-end translation with integrated localization workflows.

Personalized customer experiences

Creating highly personalized customer experiences is easy with Content Cloud. Integrate data from your CRM, marketing, and e-commerce tools into the CMS and use it to target customers with personalized, highly relevant content across all channels, devices, and market locations.

Efficiency between teams

Workflow and approvals streamline the content management process across teams and departments. Frees teams to spend more time managing content and less time seeking approvals. Customize workflows to meet the needs of your teams. Automate workflows to automatically publish approved content, accelerating your time to market.

Compliance and control

Use CoreMedia Content Cloud's integrated digital asset management tool to keep your content assets safe, secure, compliant, and most importantly, accessible throughout your organization. Define your own tagging and taxonomy so that approved content can be found and used across all devices. Increase collaboration and reduce duplicate effort. Monitor rights usage and ensure only approved, branded content is used.

Global scalability

Manage a multi-site, multi-brand web estate from a single CMS. It integrates e-commerce, brand sites, microsites, local and regional sites into a single technology platform. Create seamless customer journeys between sites or manage site localization based on a master site hierarchy with as much or as little divergence as you need. Drive efficiency with shared tools across teams and shared technology infrastructure.

What is the best CMS?

As we have said before, the offer on the market can be very wide. Today we have focused on CoreMedia as a possible solution.

However, if you still have doubts, you may want to note that the best content management systems can meet the needs of your business today, as well as evolve and grow as your needs change.

The landscape changes rapidly and you need the ability to adapt, scale and change direction when necessary. Expand for new channels, adapt to integrate new technologies or change direction to change your e-commerce platforms or CRM. These are all things that CMS tools like CoreMedia Content Cloud can easily address.

Now is your turn!

As you already know, today's customers expect relevant content, personalized to their needs. They also want seamless shopping and content experiences across devices and channels. Which means they also expect your brand to commit on their terms. The best CMS platforms, including CoreMedia Content Cloud, can give you the tools you need to create personalized and targeted customer experiences, localized and optimized for modern market needs.

If you are thinking of implementing a CMS to your e-commerce business, at Orienteed we are ready to help you. Contact us today here to get started.