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2023 at Orienteed: the 10 most visited articles on our blog

2023 at Orienteed has been an exciting year full of many challenges. One of the many challenges we undertook was to grow user traffic to our website. 

Objective that we have managed to successfully achieve thanks to the blog. A digital space where we seek to share valuable content about the thriving e-commerce industry and which in 2023 was visited by more than 35 thousand users from all over the world.

If you are responsible for an online store, a technology professional or a digital commerce entrepreneur, we are pleased to know that our articles have been of interest and perhaps helpful in your search for information related to the sector.

As we look back over the last year, we have not only seen how much traffic to the site has grown, we have also discovered the themes that have resonated the strongest with our growing community.

From trends, quality methodologies to the impact of artificial intelligence, each article has been a pillar in building the knowledge that drives success in the competitive world of ecommerce.

Today we want to share this brief retrospective, at the same time that we break down the 10 most visited articles on our blog during 2023, and that continue to provide us with clarity about what interests readers who work in ecommerce as much as we do.

Go for it!

2023 at Orienteed

Top 10 most visited articles on the Orienteed blog during 2023.

#10 The digital economy in Spain reaches 22.6% of GDP during 2022

In this article from March, we share a summary with the most relevant data observed in the third edition of the Digital Economy in Spain report, presented by the Spanish Association of Digital Economy (Adigital) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG). 

The study analyzes the evolution of the digitalization of our country's economy in 2022 and delves into two key aspects for economic growth: firstly, the digitalization of SMEs, due to the great weight of these companies in the economic fabric of Spain. , and, on the other hand, the scalability and growth of Spanish technology-based companies (called scaleups), as they are interrelated vectors that allow the growth and digitalization of other productive sectors. An essential report.

#9 What is HCL Commerce? Everything you need to know to enhance your customers' experience

There are many ecommerce solutions on the market. But there are few that have optimal performance, especially for global brands. If you are interested in an ecommerce solution, with all the modern functionalities to take your business to the next level, you should check out this article on our blog.

HCL Commerce Cloud is an all-in-one business e-commerce platform, offering powerful experiences to customers in B2C, B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C and marketplace models, especially in businesses with complex and large-scale needs. At Orienteed we know her very well with years of experience in multiple projects. Being in this top 10 is a good sign of a good positioning in the platform market.

#8 Digital Consumer: The 5 Key Behaviors That Impact Online Marketing

In today's age of technology and connectivity, the digital consumer has become the lynchpin of the world of online marketing. These consumers are more informed and empowered than ever before, which has led to a significant evolution in their web browsing and purchasing behaviors.

Understanding these behaviors is essential to developing effective digital marketing strategies, especially if we think about developing or creating an ecommerce business. It is no coincidence that this is one of the 10 most read articles on our blog in 2023, it is a vital topic. Re-discover here the five key behaviors of today's digital consumer and what impact they have on online marketing.

#7 B2B2C business: essential elements to implement the model in your company.

Without a doubt, the B2B2C model is another great trend not only in 2023, but in recent years. Many companies today want to make alliances, seeking to achieve their objectives of higher income, efficiency and better growth. It is one of the lessons learned from the post-pandemic. However, when we talk about B2B2C, many professionals often confuse it with other sales channels, which makes sense, if we consider that companies are constantly evolving and changing.

If you want to know more about the B2B2C business model or are looking to improve the implementation that you may be carrying out in your company, then this article may be useful to get ideas and reorient strategies.

#6 QA Tools: How to select the best ones to help us guarantee software quality and process improvement?

Another key area of ​​growth: quality. A fundamental pillar for the success of any software project. Users and customers demand applications and systems that are reliable, secure, and meet their expectations. To achieve this goal, development teams must adopt rigorous and efficient approaches that ensure quality at all stages of the software lifecycle.

In this context, software quality management (QA) plays a crucial role, allowing early identification of problems, correction of errors and continuous improvement of processes. However, to achieve optimal levels of quality, QA professionals must rely on appropriate tools that give them the ability to perform extensive testing and monitor software performance.

At number six in our top 10, you'll find a guide to help you select the right tools for your QA needs.

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#5 E-Commerce in the Middle East: Statistics and Trends in 2023

Beyond war and humanitarian crisis, the Middle East has emerged as a vibrant and rapidly growing center for e-commerce. The current digital revolution has reshaped consumer behavior, disrupted traditional retail models and ignited economic growth across the region.

In fifth position in our top 10 most visited articles, it is not surprising to see this post with the statistics and trends that have shaped e-commerce in the Middle East in 2023. We will soon work on a similar one for this new 2024 given the relevance it has the region.

#4 Artificial Intelligence in ecommerce: everything you need to know to take advantage of this technological leap.

There has been a tsunami. More than a year after the launch of ChatGPT we are still seeing how the use of Artificial Intelligence infects all industries. And although it is not a new phenomenon in the world of technology, it is very popular today. 

And this is why it is not surprising to see the topic in fourth place in our top 10. Like it or not, artificial intelligence is here to stay. And although most people only have a vague understanding of what artificial intelligence is, as leaders of our businesses and companies, it is up to us to quickly understand the impact of this technology and, more importantly, how we can get business from it.

Look again in this article at all the key data that you need to know to begin to understand how artificial intelligence in ecommerce is already the new technological leap of our days.

#3 What is software quality assurance (QA)? Why you should include it in your digital business.

The quality area returns to our top 10 count. And yes, there is a lot to do in this direction and it commits us to the readers of our blog.

There are many benefits that quality assurance can provide for the success and growth of an ecommerce. From visual to functional aspects, including process monitoring and automation. 

Revisit this article and find out what software quality assurance is all about and why—if you haven't already—you should enable it for your digital commerce business.

#2 Understand the difference between Process, Procedures and Work Instructions (and why it is important).

Although it is an article that has been published on our blog for some time, it has slipped into position two in our annual review. Which may indicate a lot of interest in the topic of processes and procedures. Something very important, really.

If you need to clarify the differences between the terms process and procedure, this is undoubtedly a very useful article to do so. It is worth revisiting it.

#1 Ecommerce statistics in 2023 that show the potential of online businesses.

Finally, the number one position in our recap of the most visited articles on the Orienteed blog. A very relevant topic: industry data.

Considering ecommerce statistics, as well as the main trends, is a fundamental aspect to help you achieve success in this competitive digital world. First of all, statistical data facilitates informed decision-making about consumer behavior and even the selection of new products.

By placing itself first, this article, where we have compiled the main ecommerce statistics in 2023, clearly tells us what readers have valued most during 2023. Have a better idea of ​​the potential and power of creating an ecommerce business or —if this were the case—start the digitization process to maximize all the opportunities that exist, especially by knowing where the industry is heading. Another topic that we will continue developing in 2024.

Now is your turn!

How has the perspective exercise been over the past year? Seeing the topics that our blog has had the most visits, will help us in 2024 to continue developing appropriate and relevant content for those who read us weekly and are passionate about technology, business and electronic commerce like us. See you in the next article!

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