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Digital Consumer: The 5 Key Behaviors that Impact Online Marketing

In today's age of technology and connectivity, the digital consumer has become the lynchpin of the world of online marketing. These consumers are more informed and empowered than ever before, which has led to a significant evolution in their web browsing and purchasing behaviors.

Understanding these behaviors is essential to develop effective digital marketing strategies, especially if we are thinking of developing or creating an ecommerce business. In this article, we share the five key behaviors of today's digital consumer and their impact on online marketing.

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What is it to be a digital consumer?

Being a digital consumer implies being immersed in the digital environment and actively using technology and online platforms to carry out purchasing, research and decision-making processes related to products and services. In essence, a digital consumer is a person who uses the Internet and electronic devices as fundamental tools in their purchasing process and in their interaction with brands and companies.

This type of consumer is characterized by their ability to access information online quickly and efficiently, compare options, search for reviews and opinions, and conduct business transactions through various digital channels, such as blogs, websites, mobile applications, and networks. social.

The digital consumer not only uses technology to purchase products, but also seeks personalized and relevant experiences online. It is influenced by the presence in social networks, digital marketing strategies and interaction with digital content. This type of consumer is aware of their power as an informed buyer and values ​​the convenience and efficiency that the digital world provides in their decision-making process.

To the extent that you better understand their digital habits and behaviors, you will be able to establish effective strategies and tactics that help you develop the success of your ecommerce business. What are the key behaviors of digital consumers? This is what we will discuss below.

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5 Key behaviors of today's digital consumer

1. Research Thoroughly Before Buying

Before making any major purchase, digital consumers tend to carry out extensive research online. They compare products, read reviews, check company websites, and seek opinions on social media. The accessibility of information online has allowed consumers to make more informed decisions.

As digital business managers, it's vital to ensure that content related to your products or services is easily accessible and optimized for relevant keywords. It is an activity that is better known as SEO Optimization. Positive reviews and detailed information can influence the purchase decision of a digital consumer.

2. Influence of social networks on purchasing decisions

Social networks play a fundamental role in the life of the digital consumer. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok have become spaces where consumers discover new products, interact with brands, and seek recommendations from family, friends, and followers.

SEO and digital marketing strategies should consider optimizing content for social media searches, along with creating compelling visual content that captures the attention of consumers. Collaboration with influencers can also be an effective way to reach specific audiences through these platforms.

3. Shopping across multiple devices

Digital consumers use a variety of devices to browse the Internet and make purchases. They can browse products on their phones on the go, compare prices on their desktop computers, and check out on a tablet. Not to mention similar actions of Smart TVs.

This means that marketing strategies must be adaptable and responsive to ensure that consumer experience is consistent across all devices. Mobile-optimized websites are essential to ensure consumers can seamlessly browse and shop on any screen.

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4. Personalization and customer experience

Personalization has become an essential aspect of digital marketing. Digital consumers expect brands to offer them experiences tailored to their past preferences and behaviors. This can be achieved by collecting and data analysis to better understand individual needs. Implementing SEO strategies that consider users' search intent and browsing history can improve the relevance of search results and therefore improve the customer experience.

5. Online reviews and recommendations

Online reviews have a significant impact on the purchasing decisions of digital consumers. The opinions of other buyers influence the confidence that a consumer can have in a product or service. Digital marketing and SEO strategies must include the management and promotion of positive reviews.

Although, it is also important to be aware of negative reviews and respond to them in a professional and respectful manner. This shows that the brand values ​​feedback from its customers and is committed to continuous improvement.

What Google says about the new behaviors of the digital consumer

The search giant recently asked itself this question: what changes in consumer behavior will persist from previous years? To find out, did an analysis from over a billion searches where they identified 5 insights that can unlock new opportunities for brands to better connect with consumers in 2023.

This is the summary of the 5 new behaviors according to Google:

  1. Flexibility guides our decisions.
  2. We create communities around our passions.
  3. We spend selectively on what is worth it.
  4. We take action now to support our individual well-being
  5. We feel comfortable in a more relaxed life

This points in the direction that tells us: Consumers are no longer the same. They have made the decision to get going with the aim of respecting their well-being, their values ​​and their identity.

So it seems like a great time for your brand/business to take the plunge as well, and in doing so, not just become an ally in helping people achieve the life they want. Also, so that it becomes the brand it wants to be today with an eye toward tomorrow.

Now is your turn!

Digital consumer behavior has evolved considerably in the age of technology and connectivity. 

Understanding key behaviors – thorough research, social media influence, multi-device shopping, personalization, and online reviews – is critical to developing successful digital marketing strategies.

Those responsible for ecommerce have a critical role, which forces them to optimize content and user experience to adapt to these changing behaviors and create stronger connections between brands and consumers, otherwise, the success of the business will be diluted. quickly in the years to come.

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