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Orienteed recognized with the ARDÁN indicator of Innovative Company 2023

ARDÁN 2023 Indicators.

A Coruña, November 7, 2023.- ORIENTEED, a leading technology company in software development for electronic commerce, has been recognized with the ARDÁN Indicator of Innovative Company 2023, a recognition promoted by the Vigo Free Trade Zone Consortium.

The company is thus positioned within the 4% of the more than 37,000 Galician companies evaluated that have managed to overcome the demanding criteria to obtain an indicator.

The ARDÁN economic competitiveness report of 2023, carried out using data from the 2021 financial year of 37,900 companies based in Galicia, examines several indicators of business excellence. Specifically, “gazelle company” status, financial strength, high productivity, wealth generation and high performance.

Also, it analyzes additional factors such as integration in the circular economy, internationalization and the gender perspective.


In the words of Francesco Schettini, CEO of Orienteed

"This indicator is a recognition of the efforts of the entire Orienteed family and team. We are a benchmark in the digital transformation process of companies inside and outside Spain, so we will continue working to continue innovating, deepen our own internationalization process, make possible the comprehensive development of our talent and, of course, promote business models. sustainable business of our clients, in a very challenging and digital economy. So congratulations team!"

About ARDÁN Indicators

The Vigo Free Zone Consortium, through its Service ARDÁN Business Information, has been preparing indicators of Good Business Practices since 1995. This line of work is developed under the protection of the ARDÁN Chair of the University of Vigo and aims to identify and value business #excellence in Galicia.

Each of the ARDÁN indicators are methodologically supported by expert research groups in the field of competitiveness and business #management and measure the performance of companies in factors related to their ability to compete.

Those companies that exceed the restrictive values required in the ratios or synthetic indices used for measurement obtain the ARDÁN Indicator. These companies demonstrate differential competencies in generating competitive advantages, which makes them leaders in the Galician economy.

About Orienteed

It is one of the leading e-commerce software development companies in Europe. From his specialization in ecommerce, he helps brands from all over the world in digital transformation of their business processes, digitalization of marketing, sales and service operations.

It carries out its activity with the platforms that best adapt to the needs of its clients. Supporting them in improving their conversion rates. It has partnership relationships with the best ecommerce technologies available on the market, such as: HCL Commerce, Adobe Commerce (Magento 2), BigCommerce, B2BStore, Coremedia, New Relic and Splunk.

In its projects, it carries out the complete integration of the entire business ecosystem in the field of electronic commerce, including: commercial management, logistics and production systems.

Among other services, it offers: ecommerce development, testing and software quality assurance, 24/7 monitoring for multi-brand stores on a global scale, Data Analytics and identification of incidents, obstacles to conversion and areas of digital commerce improvement, improving the business intelligence of your clients.