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The relevant option between Magento Open Source and Enterprise

Many customers are now struggling with Magento migrations (which is actually almost a re-platform since many things changed with M2). For the merchants it is the time to think about one of the main concerns: platform scalability.

«Despite there are many interesting guidelines and optimisation suggestions a typical Magento Open Source installation is not scalable. In other words, it cannot handle peak traffic.» 

Most of the Magento Open Source installations are single tier on a shared host, with no redundancy nor high availability. For a growing business where the number of visits and orders are incrementing month by month a possible option Magento Enterprise. Does this situation sound familiar?

It is quite pertinent to know that Magento Enterprise's costs can be pretty scary 🙂

Basically, a customer can choose to spend a small sum every month for a shared server hosting (with the risk of being totally unprepared for user traffic and sales peaks) or face spending thousands for a professional SaaS with Magento Enterprise.

In reality there are other options:

Orienteed offers an intermediate solution based on Amazon Web Service and CloudFormation.”


  • High availability (say goodbye to outages)
  • Standard of security: private subnet for the servers
  • Autoscaling (ability to increase capacity according to traffic)
  • Performance (additional cache layer based on Redis)
  • Advanced user management (to access different parts of the infrastructure)
  • HA Database (with the RDS service, the DB is located in a cluster) Most importantly, it is cost-effective: entirely usage-dependent! (this is the pillar of the AWS architecture).

Are you planning a migration or having problem with your actual Magento instance? We can help you out. Contact us today here.