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How can I improve my e-commerce?

However a first glance can be made without entering into the vital organs of the e-commerce platform.

In Orienteed we are used to make an initial audit can provides a clear overview of the components need to be improved to boost the conversion rate of your online business.

We always consider the following topics:

1. Customer Experience

Evaluation of the navigation, registration, my account and checkout as:

  • Guest and Registered
  • Multi-browser
  • Multi-device

2. Best Practices

Performance, Accessibility, SEO and Best Practice for:

  • Home Page
  • PLP
  • PDP
  • Registration page

3. Performance

Synthetic performance verification and human validation for:

  • Home page
  • PLP
  • PDP
  • Registration page
  • Add to cart
  • Checkout

4. Architecture

Analysis and evaluation of the Architecture:

  • CDN and security
  • Cloud and hosting
  • Architectural pattern
  • Commerce platform

Lately we had the chance to audit different brands of a multinational company. We discovered interesting things and provided the company lots of feedback for critical points.

An example of the results:

Do you feel something is missing in your e-commerce? you are loosing sales or eventually your conversion rate is not that good? Do not lose time contact us here. We will run an audit personalised for your e-commerce business.