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Internet advertising investment doubled.

An increasing part of the advertising budget is invested online and the trend is for this to continue to increase, next year will set a new milestone. By 2020, half of global advertising expenditure will be spent online. In mobile formats, that's where most of the money will go, over $175 billion, yes you read it right, $175 billion. More specifically, digital ads will represent 47.7% of media spending.

Where will it exactly be?

Almost half (45%) will be spent on online display ads, and just over half of display budgets (58%) will be spent on social space, mainly on Facebook which will continue to prevail in attracting advertising investment.

These forecasts are, as well as other factors, the result of consumers' growing "attachment" to mobile devices. Daily mobile Internet usage time has increased to 3 hours and 14 minutes over the last five years, an increase of almost two.

In addition, the Internet is already the largest advertising medium in eight markets, Sweden, the United Kingdom, China, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Australia and the USA.

And finally, another striking fact, Internet advertising spending has grown five times faster than traditional media since 2010.

And so on and so forth.

These figures have been taken from the WARC «Global Ad Trends".