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How HCL Commerce and Google Cloud can help improve your business

The partnership between HCL Commerce and Google Cloud has created a powerful collaboration. Google is currently the cloud platform of choice for HCL Commerce,, providing a global, secure and elastic infrastructure to boost large-scale enterprise e-commerce strategies.

In this article we will share the advantages and benefits that this alliance provides to companies that have complex needs in their digital business strategy.

HCL Commerce and Google Cloud power you for global scale

The announcement of the strategic alliance between HCL Commerce and Google Cloud occurred at the end of 2019, seeking to accelerate the adoption of the cloud at the enterprise level, as well as help companies around the world to re-imagine and reinvent their operations through modern and next generation technologies.

A relevant fact that we must indicate is that HCL Commerce continues to be compatible and certified with other cloud platforms such as: Amazon AWS, MS Azure, IBM Cloud and IBM/Redhat OpenShift. This is for the cases of companies that are using them or wish to implement them in the future.

A challenging and constantly changing global market has forced business leaders to design and execute information technology strategies that produce better business results, drive digital transformation, create omni-channel user experiences, while managing IT environments with complex needs. All of this has fueled HCL's association with Google.

In January 2022, Google recognized HCL Technologies as "Google Cloud Expertise Partner Of The Month", indicating that the partnership between the two companies remains healthy and growing.

What does this partnership mean for HCL Commerce?

Google Cloud will provide the platform with the capacity of the public cloud on a global scale, with a secure and elastic infrastructure. This is ideal for driving e-commerce strategies for companies that operate in both B2C and B2B models.

This partnership also provides another option for HCL Commerce to be deployed on a private, hybrid cloud leveraging Google Anthos. This will be made possible by IBM's private cloud offering and by giving customers a choice between Redhat/IBM's OpenShift and Google's Anthos.

The clear benefit in this area is that it helps companies be more fluid about their choice of cloud and how they can migrate between them over time. It also insulates customers from each cloud's proprietary services and from what could, at some point, be considered a cloud lock-in. Without a doubt, for HCL Commerce, which, has also been recognized in Gartner's magic quadrant, the alliance offers great benefits.

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What does the partnership with HCL Commerce mean for Google?

According to this article in "The Register", by the end of the first quarter of 2022, the cloud computing market is dominated by Big 3: AWS (33%), Microsoft (22%) and Google (10%). This market share would not have been what the Google Cloud Platform team expected, which in part has driven the alliance with HCL Commerce. 

In this highly competitive market, Google gains more attention and relevance in the business and commercial space through this alliance. HCL Commerce is an e-commerce solution with a lot of experience, which is used by large companies that are leaders in their industries. This helps Google to penetrate a market in which it has been difficult to break through against its competitors.

Now Google can show its full potential to business customers who are facing digital transformation processes with high complexities to solve and who want to scale globally while increasing customer demand.

Cloud computing market

The benefits of the partnership between HCL Commerce and Google Cloud

If you are interested in taking advantage of the full power of the Google Cloud Platform portfolio alongside HCL Commerce, the first benefit we can mention is the unlimited scalability of cloud-native technology, fully available for HCL Commerce.

In fact, HCL customers today can leverage Google Anthos to run multi-cloud and hybrid deployments for HCL Commerce. The freedom to run the platform under any combination of existing cloud and on-premises deployments is already a very important differentiator for many companies' decision-making.

This does not mean that companies now need to run HCL Commerce on Google Cloud Platform. Although over time, there may be some advantages to doing so. Without a doubt, it is a clear roadmap for implementations without the need to add point solutions from multiple providers or try to develop their own technology, which helps lower the costs that a large-scale digital transformation implies for companies.

With this alliance, companies that already use HCL Commerce will be able to:

  • Continue to innovate on the same platform they use today, with predictable direction and a robust technology stack.
  • Plan and better align para adoptar características y capacidades a medida que HCL adopta más de lo que Google Cloud Platform tiene para ofrecer.
  • Make your own changes to cloud and native technology, with clear direction, without worrying about forcing out existing software.
  • Use HCL Commerce freely, whether you want to run it on Google Cloud Platform, or on premises, Azure, Amazon, OpenShift, or any cloud provider or combination thereof. 
  • Migrate to the cloud on your own business terms. With a clear focus on the future of the platform, regardless of the direction of the business journey to the cloud.

Scaling to the next level with native cloud services

If you are thinking of going to the next level with your company, it may be a good time to take advantage of the benefits of the partnership between HCL Commerce and Google Cloud.

This is the summary of services that can help you scale:

The cloud as a platform:

  • Cloud App Development - Build highly scalable apps in half the traditional time with Google App Engine and Serverless App Design.
  • Microservices architecture design.
  • Mass migration of services. A fast and secure migration from IDC, AWS and Azure to GCP.

Innovation in the workplace:

  • An alternative ecosystem of services for work on top of G-Suite and Google for Work.
  • Primary focus on G Suite, ChromeOS, and Google for Work.
  • Technical migration from Microsoft 365 to G-Suite (Google Workplace)
  • Sign in options "single sign in" with Google.

Big Data Solutions

Now it is possible to analyze data and obtain meaningful information for companies and users, which is the DNA of Google, the key services in this area are:

  • Management tools and business analysis.
  • Discover the enormous opportunities behind Big Data.
  • Big Data Anti-Money Laundering Solution.

Cloud service platform:

HCL Commerce's alliance with Google Cloud offers a unique opportunity to focus on Machine Learning and AI.

  • HCL Lucy - A Chatbot Solution for Business Needs.
  • Searching Graph visualization solution.
  • Solution for Searching Media keyword
  • Other Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Now is your turn!

Whether you're the CEO or IT manager of your organization, you probably already have an opinion of what the cloud can do for you, work processes and business improvement. For IT teams, taking a company to the cloud means a new way of serving technological resources and running applications. 

If you are in the marketing or sales area, migrating to the cloud allows you to create better user experiences, with much faster time to market. Which translates into more sales and better results. Whatever your role, a global market with recurring challenges demands that large companies execute digital strategies to continue growing, based on the implementation of modern technologies.

At Orienteed we have extensive experience and specialization in projects for global clients, using HCL Commerce. We know that the business journey towards the cloud is unique, with particular characteristics of each business, which require a partner who knows how to accompany the strategic vision and make it a reality with a customized technological solution.

If you want to take your business to the next level using HCL Commerce and Google Cloud, feel free to contact us today here.