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Import data in Algolia from Apache SOLR

1- Export JSON file from Apache SOLR

The first step is to get the whole set of data belonging to a specific core. It is simple as open Postman and run a query to the selected SOLR core:


It is important to add the parameter rows, setting a very high number in order to get all the documents (otherwise results will be paginated).

Once you run the query you can save the results file:

Save the results file from Postman

2- Create an account in Algolia

Open Algolia and  Sign Up for a free trial.

3- Create new Algolia index and import the JSON file 

Once you are logged in, you can proceed to create a new Algolia index. From the dashboard left menu, select Indexes and so "New index". Then select "Add records", "Upload file". Drag & Drop the JSON file created in the first step.

Import a JSON file in Algolia

4- Configure the index

Now you have many options and possibilities. The basic configurations should include at least:

  • Set the searchable attributes
  • Define sorting & ranking
  • Configure Facet attributes

The following screenshot reports possible configuration of facets according to the imported index and its fields:

Algolia Facets configuration

5- Generate demo UI

A simple User Interface can be automatically created thanks to the Algolia features. The way to do it is to enter "UI Demos" option and select "Generate a UI demo". 

You will have access to two main types of UI: Search & facets and Search bar with auto-completion.

Search & facets demo: 

Algolia Demo UI, Search & facets

Search bar with autocomplete demo:

Search bar with auto-completion demo

6- Make it real!

The following step is to enter into the details of the data, tune them, make a preprocess elaboration before to import the index, define the proper Algolia configuration, create a custom and marvelous user experience and integrate it into your Commerce Composable ecosystem.

It is guaranteed your conversion rate will be improved! Having a greate search user experience will boost your sales. Do you want to make it real? Contact us about Algolia, we will be available for a call and enter into the details of your catalog data.