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Ecommerce glossary


Also known as "Mobile Commerce", as its name suggests, is purchasing through a mobile device. In other words, it is a reference to the commercial transactions that are made through these devices, such as mobile phones or tablets.


This term is used to describe the use of several brand channels at the same time. For example, a customer can be viewing the product page of an item on his phone while he is in the store, at the point of sale. Omnichannel marketing helps brands to satisfy the expectations and behavior of consumers, who are increasingly connected to the Internet and depend on it. It is not just a way of selling, but a communication model aimed to improve the interaction with the customer.


The ecommerce It is a set of hosting services and, as an extension, IT services designed to suit companies dedicated to online selling and their specific needs. Availability, security, loading time, flexibility and uninterrupted management are some of the aspects that define it.

Pure play:

A business model that works exclusively through the Internet, without physical headquarters.