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Exploring the Universe of Chatbots: How They Work and the Skills of Our Virtual Assistant

Getting to know the Orienteed chatbot.

In today's digital age, the interaction between humans and technology continues to evolve by leaps and bounds. Among the innovations that have transformed the way we communicate, chatbots have emerged as prominent players.

In this article, we thoroughly explore the fascinating universe of chatbots, unraveling their complexities, revealing their functions, and highlighting the capabilities that make them so relevant in today's technological landscape.

Before we dive into the details, it's crucial to understand what powers these "virtual assistants" and how they are designed to facilitate interaction between users and automated systems. What really is a chatbot and how does it operate?

Join us on this journey to discover the secrets behind these conversational artificial intelligences.


A chatbot, short for “chat robot,” is an intelligent software program designed to emulate human conversations in a natural way. These systems use advanced technologies artificial intelligence (AI) to understand and respond to users' messages, whether in text or voice form. Its presence has become ubiquitous, found on a variety of platforms such as websites, messaging apps, and even social media.

Chatbots operate through natural language processing (NLP) algorithms that allow them to interpret and understand the intentions behind user queries. They use databases and machine learning models to continually improve their responses, allowing them to adapt to different communication styles.


  • Improved Customer Service: Provide instant responses to frequently asked questions, improving customer service customer satisfaction. They are available 24/7, offering constant assistance.
  • Operational Efficiency: They automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time and resources for more strategic activities. They streamline internal processes and reduce response times in commercial transactions.
  • Cost Reduction: Minimize costs associated with hiring and training personnel for simple tasks. They allow multiple queries to be attended to simultaneously, optimizing the allocation of resources.
  • Lead Generation and Sales: They facilitate the capture of information from potential customers and drive them through purchasing processes. They offer personalized product or service recommendations.
  • Data Analysis and Continuous Improvement: They collect valuable data about user interactions, helping to identify patterns and areas for improvement. They allow responses to be adjusted and improved as customer needs and expectations evolve.
  • Cross-Platform Interaction: They are easily integrated into various channels, such as websites, mobile applications and social networks. They provide a consistent and seamless user experience across all touchpoints.
  • Scalability: They easily handle a large volume of queries without compromising the quality of the interaction. They scale efficiently to accommodate company growth.
  • Personalization and Context:  They offer personalized responses based on the user's interaction history. They maintain the context of the conversation, providing more conversational experiences.
  • Instant Feedback: They allow you to collect customer feedback immediately, facilitating continuous improvement. They help identify areas of opportunity and strengths in business processes.


The chatbot is available in 4 languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. You can enjoy this chatbot on 2 platforms: Magento + B2B Store (react front-end) and Telegram.

B2BStore is headless, which tells us that it makes use of the Magento backend, which allows users to efficiently manage and organize the content of the website without the need for advanced technical knowledge, through modules present in the backend.

The chatbot integrates with B2BStore and therefore uses its integration with Magento for the development of the functionalities of our chatbot, which are the following:

  • Create an order: Allows you to add new products to the shopping cart, view the current status of the cart, select a shipping address and a payment method to complete the order.
  • View cart: Offers the possibility of examining the current status of the cart without having to add a product. It also offers the possibility of selecting a shipping address and payment method to complete the order.
  • Save Cart: Enables the customer to empty the cart and save it with a specific name.
  • Create tickets: Allows you to create tickets for the support team, there are 3 types of tickets:
  • Order ticket: The customer has an issue with an order and wants to communicate their problem to the company.
  • Support ticket: The client has an incident with the platform and wants to communicate their problem to the company.
  • Improvement ticket: The client proposes to the company a possible improvement for the platform.
  • View the status of a ticket: Ability to clearly and understandably observe the current situation or progress of a registered matter or request.

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There are 2 possible options to interact with the bot, although in both cases it is necessary to have a previously registered account on the B2BStore platform. If you do not yet have an account, you need to access B2BStore – Demo and create an account on the platform. Once registered there are two possible options:

4.1. Access from B2BStore

After logging in to the platform, click on your account (where you are greeted) and a menu of possible actions is displayed where you must select “Support”.

B2BStore Demo

On the support page, a chat icon will appear in the bottom right corner which you will need to tap to start the conversation with the chatbot.

B2BStore Página de Soporte

After pressing the chat icon, the conversation begins and the chatbot waits for your text entry.

Chatbot Magento B2BStore

At this point, you can enter a phrase that can be identified with a functionality:

  1. Create an order: “Create an order”.
  2. View the cart: “Finish order”.
  3. Save cart: “Save my cart”.
  4. Create a ticket: “Create a ticket”.
  5. Check the status of a ticket: “Check the status of a ticket”.

4.2. Access from Telegram

To interact with this bot you must download and log in to the Telegram mobile application, or log in to Telegram Web. Once you have started a session, you must search for “@b2bstore_bot” in the Telegram search engine and select the B2BStore bot. To start the conversation with the bot it is necessary to enter the following command:


The bot will show the main menu, however when selecting any option the bot will indicate that it is necessary to log in.

Chatbot opciones

It is necessary to log in and therefore you must press the login button. When selecting this option, you must enter the username and password, which will be deleted from the conversation for security reasons when processed in the system.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will see the main menu again. In this menu, as well as in the login menu (see Fig. B.5), you can see the option to change the language that will be added in the future. Returning only to the main menu, there are two more options:

1) Orders / Cart: This option offers a submenu with three functions and the possibility of returning to the main menu by selecting “Back”. If you select option number 1 (“Create order”), the create an order functionality will begin. If you choose the second option (“View cart”) the functionality to view a cart will begin. Finally, if you decide to press the third option, it will save the current cart.

Chatbot Seguridad

2) Support: Pressing this button displays a submenu with 2 new options (see Fig. B.8) and the possibility of returning to the main menu by selecting “Back”.

Chatbot Soporte

After selecting the first option (“Create ticket”), a new functionality starts and accesses a new menu. If you select the “View ticket” option, the last functionality starts.

Chatbot ver ticket


This functionality starts by asking what product you want to add. Once you enter a product, it will be checked whether you have directly entered a product SKU (a unique alphanumeric code assigned to a particular product to identify it) or a product name. If it does not match any of them, it will perform a general search of what has been entered. There are several cases depending on these 3 options: 

  1. SKU found: You will be asked how much of the product you want to add. 
  2. Configurable product found: You are asked about the attributes that you can choose from said product until you find the product you want. Once found, you will be sent the information for that product and asked if you confirm that this is the product you want to add. There are two options: 
  • Confirm: You will be asked for the amount of the product you want to add. 
  • Deny: You will be asked again which product you want to add. 
  1. General search: There are 3 possible cases:
  • No product found: You will be asked again which product you want to add. 
  • Only one product that matches the search is found. If it is configurable, what was mentioned in step number 2 will be followed exactly. If it is not configurable, the same will be done as in step 1.
  • More than 1 product is found: A list is returned with the products found and you are asked to enter the exact name of the one you want to add. 

Finally, in all cases, you will be asked for the quantity you wish to add of the selected product. Once the quantity is entered, the product is added to the order and positive feedback is returned if it is added or negative feedback if there is a problem. In any case, you will be asked if you want to add any more products. If yes, you return to the beginning of the functionality and if not, you go to the View Cart functionality.


The response that this functionality will offer you is the printing of the cart itself in the following format: 

List of products: 

Product Name – Price – Quantity – Attributes 


Total quantity – Total price without taxes – Total price with taxes 

After this message, you will be sent a notice to confirm whether you wish to finalize your order with the current order status. If yes, you go to the Select shipping address functionality. If not, it will wait for you to enter a phrase. 

If the cart is empty, you will receive a message to inform you and it will wait for you to enter a phrase. 


The bot looks to see if a default address is associated with your profile. In this case, you will receive information for that address and will be asked to confirm if you want that to be the shipping address. If confirmed, it will give way to the next functionality: Select payment method. If you do not confirm, a search will be made to see if there are other saved addresses. If there are any, you will have to choose between one of them or enter a new address.

If an address is selected you will receive information for that address and are asked to confirm if you want that to be the chosen address. If you want to enter a new address, access this form:

Chatboot B2BStore dirección seleccionada

Once you have finished entering your new address, it will be saved in the addresses associated with your user profile. Additionally, in the shipping address selection process you will be shown the information for that address and you will be asked to confirm if you want that to be the address chosen for shipping.

In the event that you do not have any address saved or only the default address and you do not want it as the final address, you will go to the form to add a new address.


In this functionality you are asked to enter a payment method to choose between bank transfer and payment by credits. You can also enter numbers (1 equals bank transfer and 2 equals credits). If you select payment by credits, it will be necessary to have sufficient credits in the account. On the contrary, if the selected method is bank transfer, the order will be finalized and will be waiting for you to make the transfer for shipment. 


First of all, in order to save a cart, it must not be empty. In this case, you must enter a name to save the cart. This name must be different from any other previously saved cart. Once the validity of the name entered is checked. the cart will be saved and the current cart will be empty. 


You must select between an order, support or improvement ticket. 

  • Order: You will need to enter the number of the order you are having problems with, the main subject of the ticket and a detailed description. 
  • Support: You will need to enter the main topic of the ticket and a detailed description. 
  • Improvement: You will need to enter the main topic of the ticket and a detailed description. 

Once this is done, the incident will be created and you will soon have more information. 


In this case you must enter the ID of the ticket you want to check and you will be provided with the corresponding information.


Now is your turn!

Chatbots are essential catalysts in the digital revolution. Their ability to transform digital interaction, provide instant responses and improve business efficiency makes them indispensable tools.

Explore the possibilities that chatbots offer, optimize the user experience and boost your company in the changing digital landscape. By adopting this technology, you will be on your way to a future of smarter, more successful interactions.

Exploit the power of chatbots and take your business to the next level!

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