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3 things you should know about HCL Commerce’s latest v9.1 release


On the 31st of March 2022, HCL Commerce was released. But what do we know about it? In this article, we summarize the features and enhancements introduced in this new release, and how it can benefit online retailers using the platform.

Recap the beginnings of HCL Commerce Version 9.1

Before we proceed further, let’s first have a quick look at how version 9.1 started, a development journey that HCL Commerce commenced back in June 2020 (v9.1.0.0).

There were 5 main functionalities featured:

  1. Elasticsearch-based search solution
    A new search solution was introduced with cutting edge features such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and partial-word features, while still maintaining compatibility with the SOLR-based search solution used in previous WebSphere Commerce releases.
  2. React-based store solution
    Two new reference stores for B2B and B2C usage - Emerald and Sapphire. These reference stores leverage the React framework, the Elasticsearch-based search solution, and all of the architectural improvements present in modern HCL Commerce releases.
  3. Cloud native
    Version 9.1 iterates on the containerized cloud native architecture of Version 9, and supports deployment on Kubernetes. HCL Software Factory could also be used to design and preview a software solution.
  4. Modernized business user tooling
    The version also eliminated legacy business user tooling. It streamlined access to, and improves the quality-of-life functionality within their replacements.
  5. Support for new integrations and companion software
    Version 9.1 featured new integrations and support for a growing number of companion software solutions. This included support for Oracle and OneDB databases, and integration with HCL Digital Experience, for powerful and easy-to-use content management.

Since then, HCL Commerce has made a number of updates to the base version, leading to our main topic of discussion for today, version

The 3 things you should know about Version

HCL Commerce version contains several important changes to site features and functionality. Here are the main ones that you should know:

Marketplace support

Marketplaces are new to HCL Commerce for version A variety of new options are available in the Management Center under the Marketplace menu item.

In terms of the store, the Marketplace feature allows designated owners to post products from other vendors. Buyers can filter products by a single or multiple seller names. This feature is available for registered and guest users.

In addition, marketplace owners can manage multiple marketplaces as well as sellers, and sellers have options for controlling their own market.

Store enhancements for B2B and B2C (there are a number of them)

  • Product Compare: This allows site users to compare products on a dedicated screen. They can use this feature to compare features such as price, description, or even customer ratings of your products.
  • Ribbon Ads now available for React Store: Ribbon Ad A ribbon ad is an image overlay that is displayed over the thumbnail image of catalog entries. It is a shared characteristic of catalog entries, such as Exclusive, Clearance, New, or On Sale, to draw the attention of shoppers.
  • My Account/Dashboard PI Updates: Your customers have an improved My Account page that enables them to edit personal information such as name and address, and change the login password for their accounts.
  • Kit Details Page: Kits are collections of products that your customers can purchase in a single transaction. They differ from bundles in that the products and quantities are fixed. The Business-to-Business Sapphire React-based store now has a kits page that complements the existing bundles feature.
  • Remember-me/persistent session: B2C React Store customers can leave a shopping session and on returning find their current cart and other details preserved. You can define which behaviors can be persisted, and even extend some persistence to guest shoppers.
  • Product Listing Page Price Ranges: The Product Listing Page (PLP) has been improved. The price-range for SKUs of a product or a variant are now visible when these items are displayed in the PLP.
  • Requisition Lists for B2B React stores: Requisition lists Requisition lists are lists of items that will be used to create orders at a later date. Your customers can create requisition lists of items that they order frequently and use them to periodically re-order the items. You can now use requisition lists in B2B React-based stores.

Search enhancements

  • Ingest profiles: This powerful new feature enables you to fine-tune the behavior of NiFi connectors. In addition, you can configure Ingest using a single REST endpoint, adding and removing different NiFi capabilities from outside the main NiFi process flow.
  • Migrate Elasticsearch customizations: You can migrate custom connectors and NiFi flows to the latest version of HCL Commerce Search.
  • Support of authoring and production environments in separate clusters, allowing you to separate your Elasticsearch Auth and Production clusters.
  • Remote debugging of Query service
  • Data integrity check: Improve the reliability of the Ingest service by checking the health of the Index.

HCL CommerceConnect event

HCL CommerceConnect in Manchester UK

In addition to the above release, HCL Commerce is hosting its next CommerceConnect event on the 4-5th of May, at Manchester, UK.

In this event, HCL product managers and technology leaders preview the latest v9.1 release and other upcoming enhancements. Participants also get to hear how other businesses are putting HCL Commerce products to use in their environments.


As you can see from the above, there are a number of reasons to be excited with the new features introduced in the latest HCL Commerce release. While the notable highlights are platform’s movement in the marketplace direction and store enhancements for B2B & B2C, other improvements such as in Elasticsearch capabilities have solidified HCL Commerce’s position as one of the leaders in the competitive market of ecommerce technology providers.

So if you are on a previous version, make sure your site is prepared once this update is applied.

If you’re interested in how HCL Commerce v9 can be used for your online B2B store, this article may interest you.

Of course, if you need help or would like to know more details about this latest release, you can reach out to us. We are an official technology partner of HCL Commerce and ready to be at your service.