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Valido: Visual Validation for ecommerce at the 2021 E-Show Barcelona

What is Valido?

Valido is a tool developed 100% in-house by Orienteed, a digital services company with extensive experience in the implementation of ecommerce platforms for B2B and B2C.

Valido is designed to monitor the real-time status of an online store in different countries, languages ​​and devices.

It offers a comprehensive UX / UI analysis so that different ecommerce teams can create a seamless user experience.

Valido at the E-Show

Valido at the E-Show

During the product presentation, the Orienteed team showed the main different Valido functionalities:

  • Verification of the cart and checkout functionalities in different devices and countries.
  • Complete record of the changes that are made in ecommerce during campaigns, catalog and content changes, and in all steps of the sales funnel.
  • Activation of alerts in real time that allow you to monitor any change or incident that is registered in the ecommerce UX.

The Orienteed team explained with real examples how visual errors generate important bottlenecks in digital purchasing processes: purchase buttons not visible to the user, pages that do not load, or bugs in product images, among others.

All these errors often contribute to a low ROI or, in less dramatic cases, to an impact on sales (negative or positive) that the different ecommerce teams (business or marketing) cannot interpret because they cannot track changes in the UX of the store. Especially if the ecommerce has a multi-brand and multi-country presence.

Valido at the Digital Innovation Lab

In addition to the Valido presentation, the Orienteed team actively participated in the event with a company stand. They interacted with visitors, clients and partners, relaying the different ecommerce services offered by the consultancy.

About Orienteed

Orienteed is one of Europe's leading ecommerce development companies, specializing in scalable digital solutions. Its services help brands around the world in the digital transformation of their business processes, digitizing their marketing, sales and service operations.

Orienteed works with the platforms that best suit the needs of its clients, supporting them in improving their conversion rates. The firm works in partnership with the best ecommerce technology available such as HCL Commerce, Adobe Commerce (Magento 2), BigCommerce, B2BStore, Coremedia, New Relic, and Splunk.

Orienteed fully integrates ecommerce within the entire business ecosystem, such as business management, logistics and production systems.

In addition, the firm provides 24/7 monitoring services for its clients, and help them harness the power of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.