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The latest in Valido App: Web Scores, integration with BigCommerce, Jira, and much more.

Valido App never stops evolving. While the world tries to stay calm in the face of hype about Artificial intelligence or massive layoffs in the tech industry, for us, it's exciting to see how the Valido development team keeps adding new features and functionalities, all with the goal of helping merchants, in the very challenging task of improving their ecommerce sites.

A crucial task, more than ever. On the one hand, due to the unstoppable growth of ecommerce worldwide, and on the other hand, due to the need to create or improve the user experience in online stores, which undoubtedly has a direct impact on the sales results of any digital business.

How healthy is your online store today? Is it easy for your customers to make a purchase? Or perhaps does it have some issues? If you don't clearly know the answers, then Valido App is the tool you need to discover them. In this article, we want to share all the recent updates we have incorporated and that you should know.

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What's new in Valido App: the tool to evaluate the health of your ecommerce.

Monitoring of your store's Web Scores.

You've got it. That online store that has cost you so much effort to develop is finally in production, but... how do you know if it's working correctly? The answer is: by measuring key metrics. At Valido, we call those key metrics Web Scores.

Like any other website, the performance of an online store can be measured based on a series of indicators that... most merchants don't understand. But that's no longer a problem.

With Valido App, you can easily monitor - without any technical expertise - all the key metrics of your ecommerce. In a user-friendly dashboard that anyone can understand, you can visualize key information and analyze your store's Web Scores in terms of performance, accessibility, SEO, best practices, and Progressive Web Application.

Monitoring Web Scores with Valido also facilitates analysis for multiple brands, countries, and pages. With this functionality, you can quickly identify which area your online store needs to improve, so you can continue to drive sales without any friction. Learn about all the functionality of Valido Web Scores here.

Valido App BigCommerce

Valido Web Scores now integrates with your BigCommerce store.

If you are the owner or manager of an online store created in BigCommerce, then we have good news for you.

In March 2023, we reached a new milestone with Valido App. Meeting all the technical requirements, we listed "Valido Web Scores" in the BigCommerce app marketplace. The application is available, completely free, to integrate with your BigCommerce store. You can find it here.

“Our integration with BigCommerce is an important step for us," said Francesco Schettini, CEO of Orienteed SL. "We believe that all online businesses deserve the best tools to help them succeed. With Valido Web Scores integrated with BigCommerce, businesses can easily measure the performance of their website and obtain specific information on how to improve their online store.”

Integrating Valido App with your BigCommerce store is very simple, We have created this video with just a few steps you need to follow.

Valido App & Jira Software

Valido now integrates with Jira.

If you don't know it yet, Jira is a web application that has become almost a standard in the field of project management, task tracking, and bug resolution. Especially for software development, Jira is an excellent tool that can significantly facilitate workflow steps and cooperation for both small and large teams.

Thinking precisely about the management of errors found in an ecommerce, we have developed the integration of Valido App with Jira Software. With this new integration, it is now easier to categorize and prioritize the errors detected through the tests that Valido performs on your online store.

The integration of Valido with Jira also allows for automatic ticket creation, so that the corresponding team can track and resolve issues found on the ecommerce site. By automatically opening and filling in tickets in JIRA when incidents are detected, the workflow is streamlined and the risk of errors resulting from manual data entry is minimized. This means that the IT team or teams responsible for resolving the issues detected can easily track and manage them in JIRA, without having to constantly switch between different tools or systems.

Integrating Valido App with your Jira account is very simple. In this article, we detail the few steps you must follow to start tracking and improving your ecommerce.

An improved start and testing experience.

Continuous improvement is a very important premise at Valido App. Especially when it comes to helping our users achieve their goals. In that sense, we have improved our process for getting started with Valido and your ecommerce, simplifying steps and interfaces, so it is now much easier to evaluate your online store with the tool.

We have also improved the way of creating visual validation tests and tests to monitor the Web Scores of the ecommerce. In just a few clicks, you can easily create tests with Valido, on the one hand, to identify possible visual errors in the user experience, and on the other hand, to audit the ecommerce performance with the key metrics that matter most.

A very visual and user-friendly dashboard will help you analyze the health of your online store so you can start implementing improvements. Starting to create validation tests for user experience and visual errors, as well as testing the Web Scores of your ecommerce, is now easier than ever.

Are you ready to audit, test, and monitor your ecommerce? Get started for free with the Valido App here.

More about the solution.

Valido App is a specialized testing tool for ecommerce sites. With Valido, you can audit your online store, monitor Web Scores, and compare your site with the competition. All of this is presented in visual dashboards that display the information in a user-friendly way, so you know where to focus your improvement efforts. This is what we call actionable ecommerce knowledge. You don't need technical skills to use Valido with your ecommerce store.

Main features:

  • Web Scores monitoring:
    Valido Web Scores provides e-commerce retailers with the necessary tools to monitor the most important metrics to effectively drive sales, in particular: performance, accessibility, SEO, best practices, and PWA. Valido's dashboard allows merchants to measure and analyze the results of multiple brands, countries, languages, and pages.
  • Segmented evaluation of your ecommerce::
    Valido Web Scores not only evaluates a single page, but also considers critical points of a merchant's ecommerce, such as the homepage, product listing pages, product detail pages, landing pages, and even for different countries and languages if necessary. Issues to be addressed are reported for each target area; each issue may represent a potential revenue loss for the merchant, so it is essential to have the online store under constant monitoring.
  • Alerts and daily historical results:
    Valido's evaluation tests run automatically every day, with no manual action required. Stored results and detailed functions allow the merchant to review any possible impact from performance issues or changes on the site, such as recently implemented features, catalog updates, new campaigns, etc. Additionally, the alert system notifies the merchant when results indicate a significant impact on site revenue.
  • Competitor comparison:
    Valido Web Scores also provides the ability to track and compare the scores of the merchant's direct competitors. By displaying competitor results on the same dashboard, merchants can easily understand how much their competitors are investing in optimizing each metric area and how much they potentially benefit from such a strategy.
  • Visual user experience validation:
    This feature is an ecommerce testing tool that provides a real-time comprehensive analysis of the visual user interface and user experience of your online store. You can launch customized tests at a high speed, efficiently detect web visual errors, and act quickly to remedy them.

Get started for free with Valido App today here.