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Reasons to continue shopping online after confinement

In coming days we will get the answers and surely will be different of each country and region.

Dates, ratios, quotas… some say that our lives will never be the same, others that we will take a long time to return to “ordinary life”.

Certainly if we talk about the economy and trades, majority of us are in agreement with e-commerce is clearly a key to survival of businesses.

Online shopping after lockdown

Here we explain you reasons why people will continue shopping online after confinement and quarantine.

  1. Shopping experience: for many people, shopping in a traditional or physical store can be a significant source of fear and worries about a possible infection. At home, these concerns disappear.
  2. Hygiene measures: gloves, masks, safety barriers, social distancing… have come to stay. Many consumers would prefer home delivery.
  3. Some people was resisting shop online. But they tried it and now they want to repeat this. Ecommerce sales has been increased in many sectors.
  4. The majority of businesses, including customers favorites, sales online, and will continue do so in the future.
  5. Home-driven marketing. Products which are designed to consume at home are becoming more and more popular.
  6. New way of life. The increase in unemployment will promote the figure of the entrepreneur and anew business models. Also the establishment of a global ecological conscience will change the way we work and relate, ceasing to be so highly presentialist and demanding of resources.
  7. Comfort: online shopping is safe, quick and simple. Waste no time. Time is money.


In professional terms, ecommerce sector, will receive significant investments in the coming months.

According to I Barómetro COVID19 y Marketing, Home Entertainment - Streaming, Retail, Health, Pharmacy, Food, Telecom and Technology are at the forefront of driving forward economic recovery.

In other words, sectors with the best prospects are the so-called homebound economy, wich are now digitized.

Above all, once again, the study confirms, digital transformation and ecommerce have become indispensable to after COVID19 world.

Therefore if you need transform your web site, create a online store or a guide in your digital transformation, you’ve come to the right place, Orienteed.

Don’t lose any time.

Consumers will continue to exist. At home, online.