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Orienteed and Mageplaza: a powerful partnership for stores that use Magento Commerce

It is our great pleasure to announce the official partnership between Orienteed and Mageplaza, an ecosystem of more than 234 extensions which are compatible with the latest versions of Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce).

With our experience developing ecommerce solutions, especially with Magento Commerce, we believe that this collaboration will offer more complete possibilities for our customers.

orienteed and mageplaza
New partnership

New partnership between Orienteed and Mageplaza

At Orienteed we understand that many companies today want to enable a better ecommerce platform. With all the capabilities to meet market demand and have excellent performance. When using Magento Commerce, businesses may need to take full advantage of it and tailor the software completely to their specific needs, this is where extensions come into play.

Working with Mageplaza allows us to access its vast ecosystem of extensions developed for Magento Commerce, which cover all areas of an ecommerce, from creating a blog, through product management, the payment process to B2B functionalities. 

For Mageplaza, the collaboration with Orienteed allows it to better understand the specific needs of merchants in both B2C and B2B models, who can use the extensions that best suit them and that are available in their ecosystem in their stores. Which is a great opportunity to access more customers who use Magento Commerce as a platform to develop or improve their online businesses.

With this alliance between Orienteed and Mageplaza, merchants will be the most benefited, because they will have more robust, personalized and high-performance stores for their businesses. 

About Mageplaza

After more than 8 years of experience in the industry, Mageplaza is proud to accompany more than 109,000 clients from more than 176 countries by offering more than 221 high-quality extensions.

Mageplaza is constantly striving to update current modules as well as create new extensions to fit new challenges in the ecommerce market and become a one-stop shop for Magento websites, whether you are a new player or a new user. expert. We always put the success of our customers as our main objective, so supporting customers is one of our top priorities.

Mageplaza products:

  • Magento 2 quick order
  • Magento 2 product feed
  • Magento 2 pdf invoice
  • Magento 2 extra fee
  • Magento 2 layered navigation
  • Magento 2 reward points
  • Magento 2 auto related products
  • Magento 2 gift card extension
  • Magento 2 search extension
  • Magento 2 one step checkout
  • Magento 2 seo extension

Mageplaza services:

  • Hire Magento Developers
  • Magento/ Adobe Commerce Development 
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Extension Customization
  • SEO Services
  • Magento/ Adobe Commerce Upgrade
  • Data Migration
  • Magento/Shopify/Shopware Development

Connect with Mageplaza:

About Orienteed

We are one of Europe's leading ecommerce development companies, specializing in scalable digital solutions. We help brands around the world in the digital transformation of their business processes, digitizing their marketing, sales and service operations.

We work with the platforms that best suit the needs of our clients, supporting them in improving their conversion rates. We work in partnership with the best ecommerce technology available such as HCL Commerce, Adobe Commerce (Magento 2), BigCommerce, B2BStore, Coremedia, New Relic and Splunk.

We fully integrate the entire business ecosystem in the field of ecommerce, such as business management, logistics and production systems.

We provide 24/7 monitoring for our clients and help them harness the power of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.


We have knowledge of all aspects of the online shopping experience. We implement customized B2C, B2B and B2B2C ecommerce solutions for the global market.

  • Development
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Data Analytics
  • Visual Validation
  • Cloud & Architecture
  • Quality Assurance (QA)

Our solution for the B2B segment

We help you to reach as many distributors as possible so your business continues to grow across all channels. To do this, we unify the B2B sales channels in a completely customized way:

  • Management of multiple clients and contracts.
  • Flexibility to support complex pricing systems
  • Management of recurrent orders, scheduled orders and purchases by order
  • Management of card payments, credit card payments, store collection and/or multiple warehouses
  • Integration with multiple ERP and CRM.
  • Managing complex and customised shipment calculations
  • Interactive and highly responsive user interface
  • SEO Optimization.
  • Support for international markets.
  • Customization of promotions, marketing content and much more.

Connect with Orienteed:

Establishing a successful collaboration.

We are happy to be able to collaborate closely with the Mageplaza team. We are sure that it will be a successful partnership and that above all, it will be productive for all the merchants that we can help take their ecommerce to the next level. Stay tuned for more news!