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Orienteed expands its ecommerce services to Italy

Orienteed is expanding its ecommerce development services to Italy. This is an important milestone for the eCommerce consultancy, founded by Francesco Schettini in 2016. The company started with a clear ambition of offering specialized eCommerce services to international customers.

Currently, Orienteed is the IT partner for many international brands, both in the B2C and B2B segments. Also, it is one of the select few firms in Europe with experience developing B2B commerce projects with HCL Commerce V9, most notably for Pladur, the leading drywall manufacturer in Spain.

The goal of the Italian office will be to grow the organization’s current portfolio and gain better market access to luxury Italian brands and other European customers. The Italian team will be led by its new division CEO, Stefano Zauli.

In Orienteed CEO Francesco Schettini’s words, "This move is just the beginning of an expansion plan, with the aim of becoming a trusted IT partner for brands that envision their ecommerce as a key part of their business".

About Orienteed

Orienteed is one of Europe's leading ecommerce development companies, specializing in scalable digital solutions. Its services help brands around the world in the digital transformation of their business processes, digitizing their marketing, sales and service operations.

Orienteed works with the platforms that best suit the needs of its clients, supporting them in improving their conversion rates. The firm works in partnership with the best ecommerce technology available such as HCL Commerce, Adobe Commerce (Magento 2), BigCommerce, B2BStore, Coremedia, New Relic, and Splunk.

Orienteed fully integrates ecommerce within the entire business ecosystem, such as business management, logistics and production systems.

In addition, the firm provides 24/7 monitoring services for its clients, and help them harness the power of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.