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10 benefits of having L1 technical support for your ecommerce

Needing technical support?

Running a business in this modern day and age can be a challenge, as new technologies are constantly emerging. Companies are forced to adapt by integrating new capabilities into their systems, in a continuous evolution and improvement of services, in order to keep their customers satisfied, to gain leadership status within their market segment, and to ensure a steady flow of revenue. This has resulted in the unlimited access provided by these businesses to its customers online, allowing them to browse their site and enjoy all of its services.

Having an online business that is available 24 by 7 requires a team of support specialists with a broad knowledge base. This team can ensure that the service is not interrupted, through constant monitoring of the entire ecommerce ecosystem to prevent any possible failures from causing service downtime. However, training these specialists requires a large initial investment of time, training personnel and equipment. Outsourcing your L1 technical support department will not only save training costs for your business, but also the physical space, equipment setup and the large initial capital required.

Here are the advantages of outsourcing your L1 technical support:

  • 24 hours / 7 days / 365 days of monitoring of your entire ecommerce ecosystem.
  • The cost of hiring staff is reduced as the resources are shared among several customers, so the final cost is lower. In addition, this allows your business to have experts constantly trained in emerging technologies without having to support the entire price of that training.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through the immediate detection of all issues and the constant monitoring of system performance. This ensures that the browsing and shopping experience of your ecommerce site is a smooth and enjoyable one for your customers worldwide.
  • Improve the documentation and tracking of issues detected on the ecommerce platform, through the creation of tickets and reports. This enables the IT staff responsible to access a concise and accurate report of the problem, thus speeding up its resolution.
  • Access to system performance reports facilitating analysis for system improvement.
  • Reduced support costs via pre-screening of problems before escalation to L2, optimizing L2 resource usage and allowing them to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Improve collaboration between users and different levels of technical support through employing well-defined procedures and communication channels, thus optimizing the productivity of the corresponding resources.
  • Act as a first line of preventive maintenance, thus preventing any type of service interruption due to an undetected error.
  • Reduced response and resolution time to incidents by identifying problems more accurately.
  • Save employee cost and time by eliminating the entire HR hiring process and subsequent training of L1 team members.

As a conclusion, there are several clear and major advantages in outsourcing the L1 technical support department for your ecommerce An L1 technical support presence enables you to gain a step ahead over your competitors and focus on the development of other important areas of the business, having a team of experts to safeguard the operation of your website so that you can achieve your goals.

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