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Orienteed recognized with the prestigious Confianza Online Trust Mark

We are pleased to announce with great pride that Orienteed has been awarded the prestigious Confianza Online Trust Mark. After successfully passing the audit and meeting all the standards of the Code of Conduct.

In a rapidly evolving digital world, where security and trust are essential, this recognition becomes a testimony to our unwavering commitment to transparency, security, and trust when it comes to purchasing and browsing the internet.

The Confianza Online Trust Mark is highly regarded in the Spanish and European digital sphere. It is only awarded to companies that demonstrate exceptional and voluntary commitment to data security, transparency, protection, privacy, and, of course, trust when interacting on ecommerce websites, which is our area of expertise. We are extremely satisfied to have met the necessary audit and requirements to obtain such a renowned accolade.

This new milestone further commits us to the importance of remaining a secure and reliable software development company for ecommerce. This commitment extends not only to our clients but also to our partners, employees, and suppliers. Without them, these achievements simply would not be possible.

Thank you!

sello de Confianza Online Orienteed

What is the Confianza Online Trust Mark?

Confianza Online is an association created in 2003 by Autocontrol and Adigital to increase user trust in the Internet. Its main component is the Trust Seal. Websites that comply with its Code of Conduct can use it to demonstrate their commitment to good practices on the Internet.

If you encounter any issues with a website displaying the Trust Seal, you can file a complaint for free with Confianza Online. At the European level, it is the only Spanish entity that offers the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark.

Benefit for consumers

For all digital buyers and consumers, the main benefit is that the seal allows them to identify websites that have voluntarily accepted commitments to ethical standards on the Internet, good practices, and the association's code of ethics.

Additionally, users have the option to initiate a free and convenient digital complaint process for disputes that could not be resolved through customer support.

What is the Code of Conduct of Trust Online?

It is a set of rules that aims to serve as a guide for any digital business in terms of:

  • Protection of personal data.
  • Electronic contracting with consumers.
  • Digital advertising.
  • Protection of minors and adolescents.

The Code of Conduct of Trust Online came into effect in 2003 and has subsequently been modified to align with current regulations. In its initial drafting, more than 10 representative associations of digital media, ecommerce, and advertising participated.

In Spain, ecommerce and digital advertising have reached significant commercial volumes, representing an increasingly important part of the national economy. This competitive context on the Internet highlights the need to strengthen consumer trust and establish a framework capable of developing and guaranteeing the best ethical conditions and practices on the Internet, creating a trusted environment in which consumers can operate. 

Companies from various sectors have been recognized with the Trust Online seal, including notable ones such as IONOS, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Privalia, KutxaBank, among others.

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