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Solution for B2B models

Reach the largest number of distributors so that your business continues to grow in all channels.

For high level B2B projects

We help you to reach as many distributors as possible so your business continues to grow across all channels. To do this, we unify the B2B sales channels in a completely customized way:

  • Management of multiple clients and contracts.
  • Flexibility to support complex pricing systems.
  • Management of recurrent orders, scheduled orders and purchases by order.
  • Management of card payments, credit card payments, store collection and/or multiple warehouses.
  • Integration with multiple ERP and CRM.
  • Managing complex and customised shipment calculations.
  • Interactive and highly responsive user interface.
  • SEO Optimization.
  • Support for international markets.
  • Customization of promotions, marketing content and much more.

B2B2C Model:

For manufacturers who want to reach customers directly.

Our solution incorporates distributors and the final customer into the same platform, creating an integrated value chain that opens up direct sales to both professional and individual customers.

Discover one of our B2B2C
success stories: Pladur Gypsum.

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