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BigCommerce B2B Features: All you need to know

Are you looking for an online B2B solution to build a B2B e-commerce website? If this is the case, have you ever considered BigCommerce? In this post, we will review BigCommerce’s primary B2B features and find out why it has become one of the leading online B2B platforms in the market.

The rise of BigCommerce

BigCommerce is an online SaaS (software-as-a-service) ecommerce platform with a built-in hosting service that allows businesses to build and customize ecommerce websites. Initially establishing a foothold within the mid-market segment, it has now emerged in recent years as a platform of choice for large enterprise brands as well.

Key to BigCommerce’s success is its foray into B2B. Known for its low total cost of ownership and highly flexible APIs, BigCommerce offers a variety of B2B ecommerce features and options not found in competing softwares.

Choosing the right BigCommerce plan for your B2B business

BigCommerce has several pricing plans for customers to choose from based on their business needs. There are four plans listed on their pricing page (as of 06/2021).

Pricing page

All these plans have the essential features that could satisfy B2C and B2B businesses alike, such as:

  • Multiple storefront setup based on language and region
  • Multi-tier pricing and multi-currency options
  • Custom checkout options, such as one-page checkout, guest checkout, or instant checkout
  • Related product recommendations
  • Custom product attributes

However, we will focus on 2 BigCommerce plans that are specifically targeted for the serious players in the B2B sector: the Pro version and Enterprise version (there is an extension of the latter called the B2B Edition package which we will also discuss below). The B2B functionalities that you can find with these plans is what delivers its competitive advantage over other B2B platforms in the market.

Key B2B features for Pro and Enterprise

The Pro and Enterprise versions are developed with many unique features to streamline the payment process and improve the conversion of B2B customers.

Abandoned cart saver 

This feature allows B2B sellers to configure automatic reminder emails to customers who leave the purchase process halfway through.

Significant payment options

Support for over 65 online payment gateway solutions. These payment options are mobile-optimized, can be easily set up, and serves over 230 countries and 140 different currencies.

Custom product filtering

With dynamic product filtering, B2B businesses can help their buyers find (and buy) what they want quickly and easily. To further enhance the shopping experience, custom product fields can be used as product filters in faceted search.

Real-time shipping quotes

B2B sellers can access and provide real-time shipping quotes to their customers. The transparency in shipping costs helps to improve consumer confidence, as they are empowered by having access to a variety of domestic and international shipping options, and from low-cost ground delivery to premium, expedited fulfillment.

Unlimited API calls (Enterprise only)

B2B businesses have the freedom to use the industry’s fastest APIs to automatically and seamlessly synch data from 3rd party systems (such as ERPs) into their BigCommerce platform.

Price Lists (Enterprise only)

This functionality allows B2B businesses to create different price points for different customers. For example, they can add a customized pricing for a product on the price list, which then overrides the product’s catalog price and bulk pricing.

This feature makes it easy for hybrid businesses with both B2B and B2C customers to offer different price lists or catalogs to customer groups. Through BigCommerce, they can provide for both B2B and B2C in one unified solution, essentially delivering a B2B2C shopping experience.

BigCommerce B2B Edition

While the BigCommerce Pro and Enterprise plans come with all the out-of-the-box features you need to start selling B2B, the B2B Edition offers everything in BigCommerce Enterprise, plus more next-level features designed to meet the additional complexities for B2B ecommerce.

To be specific, B2B Edition is a packaged offering of the Enterprise plan and BundleB2B, one of BigCommerce’s technology app partners. The BundleB2B app comes pre-installed, along with six B2B-optimized themes for B2B businesses to choose from for their ecommerce store.

BigCommerce B2B Edition = Enterprise license + BundleB2B + 6 pre-configured themes

BundleB2B itself is a SaaS application that delivers advanced B2B functionalities such as:

Account Hierarchy

B2B businesses can manage customer accounts with multiple tiers of buyers/users underneath them, with specific roles and permissions like company administrator, senior buyer, and junior buyer.

These can be managed within the BigCommerce dashboard or it can be published through an external system such as a CRM or an ERP.

Sales Representatives Masquerading

Sales representatives can log in on behalf of their enterprise customer, access shopping lists created by buyers in the company, add products to the cart, and complete placement of the order.

Sales Representative Quoting

B2B buyers can request quotes as they navigate through the catalog, by identifying the items they are looking for and adding them to a quote list. Once the quote list has been prepared, they can submit it to the sales rep assigned to their account.

The sales representative can create new quotes, manage existing quotes, and provide additional discounts to customers on top of pre-arranged pricing, all through the BigCommerce dashboard.

Shared Shopping Lists

One of the key usecases that BundleB2B and the B2B Edition introduces is the idea of shopping lists. This is the ability for buyers (or approved sales representatives assigned to them) to create multiple purchase lists for repeated purchases.

Order Pad

This feature allows buyers to upload a list of SKUs and quantities that they want right into their cart, either via a CSV file or by entering those SKUs within the quick order SKU list. This enables them to quickly use a predefined list of SKUs, without having to go through pages and pages of product to add.

Invoice Portal

The Invoice Portal allows buyers to view, track and pay for their B2B invoices online. They are able to see the details of each invoice, such as past payments and shipping charges. In addition, they can make payment directly from the portal, with options such as multiple invoice payments, payment in full, or even partial invoice payments.


BigCommerce is a powerful and highly optimized B2B platform. With the launch of the B2B Edition, coupled with the available add-ons/integration options within the Enterprise edition, BigCommerce has shown itself to be an excellent option for developing a B2B ecommerce website.

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