QA and Technical Commerce Office for a

B2C Italian Luxury Retailer

How did we help?

Via our QA capabilities, we developed and conducted load and stress tests on the platform, with the aim of tuning the performance and understanding the maximum peak of simultaneous users.

Our TCO team created automations for system & development commands on the cloud, and performed much-needed Database Tuning and Optimization for the customer.



Although a sector leader, Customer P was facing increasing competition due to their lack of e-commerce presence.

  • No digital assets.
  • No digital service for distributors and final customers.


The customer was able to realize the following benefits: 

  • Identified multiple bottlenecks impacting store performance
  • Report generation and analysis, with a clear picture of the performance states under stress
  • Automation of Build & Deploy with Jenkins pipelines
  • Oracle DB Optimization

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