Platform Development for a

B2C International Luxury Retailer

How did we help?

We revamped Customer Y’s entire e-commerce infrastructure, providing the installation, configuration, and deployment across their five major brands.

Our customized platform development was able to extend their online sales reach to several countries, languages and currencies.



Customer Y is a household name in the fashion industry. However, they had several limitations in their online stores.

  • Different tools & technologies across each brand.
  • Basic payment method.
  • No back-end integration.
  • No continuous & delivery integration.
  • Static web design.


Within 3 months we were able to complete the online stores rollout, with the following enhancements.

  • Diversified payment methods
  • Integration with CRM, ERP, analytics and marketing tools
  • Automated functional and system testing
  • Tax and Geo APIs integration
  • Responsive and Mobile-first design

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