Technical Support Services for a

Leading B2C International Retailer

How did we help?

We deployed and configured an Active Monitoring and Alert Management Solution, customized to Customer X’s business needs.

In addition, we set up a highly skilled support team to provide expertise in Monitoring, Pattern Extraction and Performance Data Analysis.



Customer X has well-known brands that,  although successful, were suffering from pain points in support management.

  • No real-time visibility or analysis.
  • Multiple incident escalation paths.
  • Poor alert management.
  • Different technology references.
  • Unknown performance impact for each releases.


Customer X was able to gain full visibility of the user experience and touchpoints gaining the following benefits.

  • 0 SLA violations.
  • Single Point of Contact to simplify escalation process.
  • Fraud detection.
  • Incident prediction.
  • Impact analysis of releases.
  • Order funnelling data interpretation.

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