If you have a running e-commerce on WebSphere Commerce version 8, you should think about migrate to version 9.

Migrate to WebSphere Commerce version 9 is worth it!

To merely summarise, you can …

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Make Business happier
  • Make Developers happier

I will explain you why just mentioning some of the main reasons I can think about …



#1 Faster installation with Dockers

Traditionally with WAS, in order to create a Staging / Live environment with High Availability for Search and WCS, you had to go through a really long error-prone process, taking many weeks. Now, with Dockers, you can do it in few days.

#2 Faster development with Java Persistence API

Finally EJBs are gone. They have been always extremely complicated for developers but also a real nightmare for the build & deploy. With JPA you can save so much development effort. Do you want to prove it? Easy, just have a look at the Knowledge Center:



#3 Cheaper cloud/infrastructure cost with Kubernetes

How can you guarantee optimal performances during high season? Usually extend your infrastructure. It can means:

  • provisioning of new servers,
  • expensive installation of new WCS/IHS or SOLR nodes,
  • multiple and time-consuming configuration steps for the new nodes,
  • troubleshooting sessions to fix any eventual regression issue.

With Kubernetes extend/downgrade the infrastructure is almost instantly (we could even configure it). Consequently you can really count on having a “bomb-proof” but expensive infrastructure during high season and save money (downgrade it) during the rest of the year.



#4 Faster deploy means “to release quickly what Business needs”

The new WCD- WebSphere Commerce Deploy (instead of the old WCBD- WebSphere Commerce Build&Deploy) will make Business happier. In fact, count on this innovative deploy method (release docker images) the number of deploys could be multiple in a month (not anymore once every 3 months or something like that). When Business comes up with a new requirement it could be released in a matter of days: real application of CI/CD.

… and last import note … you can also …



#5 Adopt cutting edge technologies

Just to mention some of them:

  • use the original Apache SOLR last version (instead of the custom one proposed by IBM)
  • since of headless front end, you could develop UX with React (or any other front end interesting library/framework ….)
  • adoption of a model based on micro services and API first
  • Apache Kafka and ZooKeeper able to handle properly the cache invalidation
  • possibility to adopt NodeJS as xC server (where all the cgustomizion respecting the eXtension model can be developed)
  • Vault to handle your certificates (really painful in WAS)


By the way, according to the last rumours in this Quarter finally Accelerator, Admin Console and Org. Admin Console will be gone!!!! A unified brand-new console will be provided and also the back office services will be available trough the use of REST APIs. Another good reason to migrate to the version 9.